Our retail stock management solution is customisable to suit your business. Consult these FAQs for answers to any questions you may have, or feel free to contact us.

Do you only do stock takes during normal business hours?

No, we will do your stock take whenever it suites the client, Monday to Sunday and at any time of the day to cause the least disruption or downtime to your business.

Will we get a detailed quote listing all possible costs of a stock take?

Yes, detail quotes are given with various cost guidelines for a 4, 6 or 8hr stock take. The quote includes staff transport costs, and any know incidental items.

Is your inventory management software compatible with ours?

Yes, we will create an output file which will be compatible with your software.

What equipment do you bring along to do a stock take?

We provide a full solution. Our Technology Managers will have their own Laptop Computer, Printer, Stock take Scanners and battery chargers. All we need is an electrical power point.

How will we know who the person is that scanned a specific bin?

Each of our stock counters have a unique user code which is linked to their name. This user code needs to be inserted into the scanner before any task can be performed, thus making it easier to trace an individual and check productivity.

How does staff get to a location...public transport, staff busses?

We have reliable transport companies that we have outsourced our business to for many years ensuring that our staff arrive safely and on time.

Can I use the same people on a daily basis from 08:00 – 17:00 for more than 3 months consecutively?

No, Stock Counters is not a Labour broker and we do not provide staff on a semi-permanent basis. As per the Labour Relations Act, if staff member works at a client consecutively for more than 3 months, those staff are deemed to be employed on a permanent basis by the client and the labour provider.

Can I request more than one stock take in more than one region on the same day?

Yes, we have a national footprint and can therefore accommodate many stocktakes throughout the country on any given day depending on our availability on that specific day.

How soon do I receive my stock take data after the stock take?

You receive it immediately when the stock take is signed off. Depending on your needs we will either hand it over to you on a flash drive, upload it to your server or email the files to you.

Can I check the accuracy of the stock take while it is in progress?

Yes, we have various tools on our software which allows the client to do audits on the counting accuracy.

How does one ensure that all stock counters are present?

We have a staff register /timesheet with all staff names and each staff member has to sign the timesheet at the end of the stock take. Roll call is also done with the client present. A copy of the timesheets with all signatures and times recorded are available on request.

How do I go about booking stocktakes with Stock Counters?

You can email your booking requirements to our office – [email protected]

What is your company's Covid-19 policy?

Our transport partners ensure that the vehicles get sanitized after each trip. All occupants in the vehicle does get their hands sanitized, temperature checked and screened as per government regulations prior to departing to a stock take.
A copy of the health register is given to the client for traceability.