Our Solutions

We offer bespoke solutions to meet all our clients’ needs by way of our expertise, an exceptional team, inventory management software, and high-tech equipment.

Stock Counters provides a stock taking solution that works for you, ranging from our turnkey solution (i.e the full package) to our technology only or labour only packages.

inventory management software


Impartial, real time, seamless, entire process

  • Entrust your entire stock taking process to us enabling you to focus on your core business and expertise
  • 20 years plus of necessary expertise and tools required to conduct electronic scanning stock takes with accuracy and no hassle to our clients
  • The latest in scanner technology, and proprietary, standalone software package provides for a bespoke stock take solution that works for your business
  • Affordable, impartial, turnkey solution with strategic and operational input
  • Use of existing barcodes, proprietary, robust software, with qualified operators delivering a real-time snapshot of your stores’ current stockholding
  • The capacity to deliver simultaneous stock takes in multiple stores across South Africa with extended coverage into Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho


Our technology, your staff

  • Some clients prefer the option of using their own personnel
  • Use of the latest technology as an independent technology solution to be used by your own staff only
  • The latest Zebra memory barcode scanners
  • Robust and proprietary inventory management software, developed and tested over 20 years and tailored to your specific needs
  • Software interfaces with all client systems – with no additional development required by the client
inventory management software
barcode scanners

Qualified Operators

Our staff, your systems

  • Appropriately qualified, Impartial, experienced stock-takers
  • Trained according to the Stock Counters methodology
  • Confidently handle both your and our specific inventory management audit and scanning processes and systems
  • Instantly recognisable in Stock Counters corporate attire


Our solutions are supported by state-of-the-art software and hardware.

barcode scanners


We utilise proprietary stock taking and inventory management software developed by SHB Systems, who specialise in stock take solutions for the retail market.

The benefits of the RetailScan software that we use are as follows:

  • Full control over the scanning process from a laptop to ensure that every bin and every product in the store or warehouse is accounted for
  • Simple-to-use application on the barcode scanner requires minimal staff training
  • Comprehensive merchandise, staff productivity and stock take information reports are available on the laptop, electronically and in hardcopy on request. – These are not only available on the laptop – they are printed as hard copies and there are many other reports that are available
  • Barcode scanning includes checking and reporting on unknown codes
  • Stock take is checked for completeness and accuracy before being signed off and submitted to the client’s back-end system via multiple data transfer options

Zebra Barcode Scanners

As a registered Zebra partner, our state of the art barcode scanners are supplied by Zebra Technologies, a leading global scanner manufacturer.

As the pioneer at the edge of the industry, Zebra Technologies serves thousands of customers including many of the world’s top companies. They build and deliver edge technologies that enable businesses to intelligently connect assets, data, and people.

inventory management software

Our Technology Partners

Acknowledging data integrity as our key focus, the unique combination of Zebra scanners, a MCL data interface and proprietary SHB software provides Stock Counters with the most robust technology platform on the market.