What We Do

Stock Counters deliver affordable, impartial, stand-alone, client verified stock takes and stock management, assisting retailers with enhanced levels of inventory control.
stock control system

Stock Counters eases the stock management process

Our stock control system is a combination of proprietary stand-alone software, developed by SHB Systems, qualified operators of state-of-the-art Zebra memory scanners, and existing barcodes. Stock Counters deliver affordable, impartial, client verified stock-counts, which enhance the accuracy of inventory control management for retailers.

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Stock Counters is led by a seasoned executive stock management team with over 100 collective years of experience. We have a proven track record of thousands of stock takes over 18 years for blue chip retail clients. Our tailored stock control system and solutions seamlessly interface with all clients’ systems. Zero capital outlay is required, retail trading downtime is eliminated, with no adverse impact on customers and staff efficacy. The accuracy surrounding the most critical component of a retailer is recognized.

Insight into the stock management industry

Retailers across the board are under perpetual strain with the continued pressure consumers find themselves under through an increasingly depressed economy and indifferent national sentiment. A stagnant economy has retailers continuously scrutinizing all facets of their businesses to reduce and contain costs. Focus is regularly on mitigating as much risk as possible, including being vigilant about stockholding and as precise as possible with sharpened forward buying expertise. An accurate stock control system can make or break a retailer.

Benefits to using stock counters

stock management


  • Faster, more efficient stock takes: saves you from closing your store and losing trade
  • No overtime charges
  • Zero capital outlay – all equipment for scanned stocktakes is provided
  • Stock Counters approved stock control system is audited and verified by our clients' auditing and finance departments
  • A Standalone solution not requiring permanent internet connectivity
  • Completely impartial
  • Staff can focus on their core competencies

Customer satisfaction

  • Store closures during working hours are a thing of the past – we work around your trading hours
  • Same cost to you irrespective of time of day or day of week
  • Store is prepped and ready for trade the following day
  • Customer facing staff are not fatigued the following day
stock control system
stock control system

Strategic part of your business cycle

  • Highlight seasonal shifts - unseasonable items picked up instantaneously and improved forward buying
  • Manage stock holding - no errors through incorrect capture methods
  • Tight financial control
  • Real time asset management and risk mitigation